2012 Building to Bless

A 4 Unit Housing Project To Provide An On Campus Solution For Our Married Students 

This year our project is raising the funds needed to build four (4) on campus apartments for married students.  Currently their is no housing available for them and they have to make their own arangements to rent off campus. 

artist conceptual proposed sketch of building

    In years past, most Bible Colleges were  filled with young students newly graduated  from High School or fresh out of a "hitch in the military" . Housing, classes, scheduling and even the "Rule Book"  was oriented around this group of enthusiastic young people on fire to serve.   We still see this group each new college year but today we also see a significant number of older men and women who have answered God's call and are walking away from jobs, careers and more.    In some cases, these older students already hold college degrees in a variety of diverse secular fields from science and engineering to business and finance to law and education.    In our shrinking world, this trend is not unique to any one country.  In fact it might even be greater in many rapidly evangelizing countries like some parts of Latin America.  This trend in fact mirrors the early church and even the first  12 called to follow.


     Paul writes to Timothy "Let no man despise thy youth"  but also writes in the guidelines of a Bishop (Pastor)   "Not a novice"    God has allowed these transitioning men and women to spend time in other careers learning many valuable skills and disciplines before calling them into His service.   


    From his time spent working at another Bible Institute Keith Anderson writes

  " I saw the positive effects at RGBI when married students came on campus.  Their maturity and dedication often leaving successful careers and businesses behind.   Single students would often consider them as big brothers or parents and often would visit them at their homes."


    Our plans for EMM's annual project were originally focused in a different direction.  God in His wisdom however, closed doors and raised roadblocks, turning us in this direction and making us aware of this need.   We discovered that there are older married couples, ready and willing to follow the calling but currently blocked financially by something as basic as housing.   So insurmountable to them, yet so insignificant and trivial if this expense could be removed by a large number of believers each contributing a small part of it.   



We Have Good News and Bad News

 The good news is that God has provided entirely enough money to complete this project,  the bad news is that we just don’t know which of our friends and fellow believers are holding it and managing it as good stewards right now

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