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Thank you - Read a review of EMM on Guidestar from one of our supporters

posted May 23, 2011, 2:51 PM by EMM-Mexico Admin

Guidestar is a database of information related to Non-Profit organization, and the first stop for many corporations and individuals seeking information prior to making donations.  EMM filed all the required paperwork to be rated as a Guidestar Exchange Valued Partner in 2010. 
   "My wife and I have donated to EMM for at least 40 years. I believe we started with $1.00 or $5.00 per month. We have continued and increased that amount because the return on investment is high.
   My wife & I along with our son and daughter have visited EMM churches in Mexico as well as the headquaters in Pharr, on several ocassions, and found that resources are carefully and prayerfully used. Actually we are amased at how low their budget is compared to the number of churches that have been started.
Lives are being changed because of the ministry work of EMM. New Christians are added weekly to the kingdon and the churches. One thing we really appreciate is that it is Mexican Nationals that are doing the leading and preaching in the churches. EMM helps, encourages and provides start up monies but after that the Mexican churches are doing the work. The church in Mexico has its own conference and board that governs the churches.
   We would not be involved with EMM if they were not adding new Christians to the kingdom or if we questioned their use of our gifts. God continues to affirm our involvement and support of EMM.
   Last EMM, their missionaries and the church in Mexico is lifted up in my wife and my prayers daily. "
(see the full review on Guidestar by clicking on the link below)

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